What is Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

By Syed Atiq ul Hassan, CEO, Knobin Consulting

We are living in the world where life is fast, busy, tiring and competitive. Sometime we ask frustrating questions to ourselves, like, why is this happening to me? Why I have to struggle all the times? Why I have to do hard work all the times? Sometime we are confused and not sure whether the plan we have or solution we have is the perfect one for our goal or resolution. Changing environment and conflicting demands in our professional or business life, sometime, cause us to lose our role and investment. We try our best to put the things back on track but you fail to do so.

Even we hardly get time for us so that we should sit down, relax and ask ourselves whether our hard work, time and money are being invested in the right direct or not in order to achieve what we really want to achieve in our lives.

Life has never been so simple and easy. Sometime we feel like going in circles or stuck up in a close road. We may be highly talented yet we struggle to achieve real happiness, peace and success.

There are situations where, whether we as a professional, corporate executive or a business owner feel helpless to resolve our issues. There are cases where we may know the solution but we lack in confidence to choose the right option. Similarly, sometime, we face problems (personal, professional or business) where we don’t want to discuss our problems with others. Living with problems continuously creates anxiety and frustration within us and that lead to create negativity in our mind. Persistent negative state of mind creates inefficiency in performance and badly effect productivity.

People spend huge money and time hiring the services of consultants, advisors or counselors to resolve their problems and obtain guidance on their issues yet they could not resolve their problems and issues. The reason is simple; consultants, advisors and counselors don’t resolve problems and issues the way clients want them to resolve because they apply their expert techniques and use their experience on clients’ problems and issues and give them solution which may not be attractive to their clients. Therefore, it has been experienced that people don’t fully work and follow on the advice or resolution of the consultant, advisor or counselor. Similarly, generally, consultants, advisors and counselors don’t closely monitor the performance and outcome until clients achieve the expected result of the chosen solution within timeframe. If not, then going through again the process with the client and find out other option/s.

The Motivational or Life Coach is not a consultant, advisor or counselor.  Life Coach is relatively a new profession. Life Coach is a person who has deep observation and experience about life, business and social environments, cultures and professions. But unlike, consultant, advisor or counselor, Life Coach does not apply his/her observation or experience on client’s issue or a problem and provide advice or solution to the client. Life Coach works with the client by going through a series of processes involving client in investigating, analyzing and finding one or more than one solution for a problem or issue and ask the client to choose the one which client’s feel is the best and achievable. Then life coach monitors the performance of the client over a period to make sure the chosen option is working to achieve the expected result, if the expected result is not being achieved then life coach revisits the processes and steps. Life Coaching involves assisting client to transition from where the client is at present and where the client wants to be. Unlike consultant, advisor or counselor, Life Coach works with the client to make sure the planned goals are achieved, if not what were the consequences and now what can be done. Hence, Life Coach looks after you the way you want. Life Coach is your best mate, friend and companion.

A Life Coach provides an opportunity to reflect upon what has been working for you and what has not been working for you. Life Coach looks into what and who contribute to and detract from your self-belief, passion, energy and personal power in a particular situation, family or workplace.

Life Coach creates motivation, energy, passion, self-believe, discipline and balance in life of the client to achieve the expected goals of the client.

Life Coach motivates us, provide us confidence, accelerate our self-belief, create passion and work with us to generate ability to move forward in a positive manner to resolve the particular issue, problem or to achieve a specific goal.

Coaching is perfect for:

  • Discovering your ideal personal and professional lives
  • Resolve your personal, professional and business issues
  • Make your personal, professional and business success plans
  • Making life more meaningful, simple and happy
  • Building confidence
  • Reducing stress
  • Creating power and commitment
  • Creating breakthroughs in financial freedom
  • Fulfilling personal goals like  weight loss, quit smoking, relationships & communication
  • Choosing right career
  • Achieving business targets