Syed Atiq ul Hassan, says he was motivated by his father Syed Shafiq ul Hassan who was a teacher and a social worker in Hyderabad Sindh Pakistan entire his entire life helping people of his town. Today, Mr. Hassan among many awards and recognitions, holds the honour of the winner of New South Wales Premier’s ‘Multicultural Harmony Award 2014’.

Syed Atiq ul Hassan was born in an underprivileged city of Hyderabad Sindh, Pakistan. His father and mother were school teachers who gave Mr. Hassan a strong belief that get and give knowledge is the best way to have better and respectable life in the society.

Mr. Hassan is a complete professional package, he is an outstanding Educationist, Journalist, Writer, Political Analyst, Radio/TV/Online Program Producer & Presenter, Event Organiser, Mentor, Life Coach, Public Speaker, and a Community Leader.

As an Academics

Mr. Hassan studied throughout his life. He finished his Bachelor of Honours degree in Physics & Mathematic with top in Science Faculty in 1977 and became the Gold Medallist.  Then he did Master in Computer Technology received 2nd Position in the faculty in 1978. In 1984, Mr. Hassan did Bachelor of Law and then in 1988 he did Master in Economics. In Australia in the last 25 years, he has completed Graduate Diploma in Journalist, Advance Diploma in Marketing, Advance Diploma in Business Management, Diploma in Life Coaching and many accredited professional certificates.

As an IT Professional

Mr. Hassan started his professional career as an IT Officer for Karachi Port Trust Pakistan in Grade 17 on 25th of August 1980 when he was only 22 years old. On 10th of August 1983, Mr. Hassan was promoted to Grade 18 as Senior IT Systems Officer for Karachi Port Trust. In 1985, he worked for Ministry of Petroleum Dubai as a Computer Systems Officer.

In 1989, he was granted Permanent Residency by the Australian Government as an IT Professional and that made him to migrate to Australia with his wife and 2 children, since then Mr. Hassan made Australia his second home yet he travelled a lot and spend 1 year in Saudi Arabia and 5 years in United States.

In Australia during 1989 to 1993 and 1997 to 2001, Mr. Hassan worked for NSW Police Services, Colonial First State Investments Ltd, MLC Sydney Australia, Macquarie University, Colonial Bank, Alltel Australia. In 1993, Mr. Hassan worked for Ministry of Finance and National Economy Saudi Arabia as an IT Consultant. Then from 1994 to 1997, Mr. Hassan spent time in United States worked Software A.G, USA, Ryerson Steel, Chicago, Georgetown University, Washington DC, CIBER I.T Consultant, Chicago, Wrigley Company, Chicago as an IT Consultant. He has received award on his excellent and foundation work on Police Service Emergency call system.

As an Educationist

Belong to an educationist family, Mr. Hassan started his own private coaching centre for High School Students under the name ‘Bright Coaching Centre’ in Hyderabad during 1975 to 1977 when he was only 18 years old. In early 1980s he was among the few pioneers of IT institutes, established an IT private college where there were only two IT Colleges in Karachi. Upon finishing his IT degree 1978 University of Sindh IT Faculty offered him part time lecturer for Computer Programming in 1979. Still today, he works for various colleges in Sydney as a Lecturer for IT, Business, and Communications subjects. He has been awarded ‘Trainer of the Year Award’ by one of the local college in Sydney.

As a Media Person

Mr. Hassan from his early student’s life used to take interest in the media. For the last 20 years or so, Mr. Hassan has been working for Jang Group of Pakistan as a Colum writer, especially for the 10 year or so as ‘Maktoob-e-Australia’ for Akhbar-e-Jehan – World’s oldest and largest circulate Urdu magazine. Mr. Hassan has done few current affairs shows in English, for Pakistan Television during 2004 – 2005 particularly a live English coverage, from Karachi Studio (PTV) of the Japanese Prime Minister in 2005. He has done live reporting for GEO TV particularly, covered the visit of the former President of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf to Australia in May 2005. He frequently writes political columns for Pakistan Observer, Frontier Post, Media Monitor and freelance for other international media groups.

On the Golden Jubilee of Pakistan, 14th of August 1997, Mr. Hassan introduced the first English language Pakistan newspaper, ‘Pakistan Tribune’ in Australia which later he extended for multicultural communities and changed the name to Tribune International (Australia).

Tribune International (Australia) was among the top 3 finalists with SBS in NSW Premier Media Multicultural Awards in 2015.

In 1998, Mr. Hassan started a Community Radio Program from local FM Services, Voice of Tribune which he ran many years as a producer/presenter. Mr. Hassan has worked for SBS Urdu Radio service as a casual Radio Program Presenter. Mr. Hassan has worked for ABC as a script writer and translator.

In celebrations of the Sydney Olympic 2000, Mr. Hassan published, Tribune Magazine for Olympic which was inaugurated by the then New South Wales Premier, Morris Imma, at the premises of NSW Parliament House.

In 2001, Mr. Hassan travelled to India (from Sydney), covered Agra summit and visit of General Pervez Musharraf, former President of Pakistan representing Australian media

In 2003 Mr. Hassan was invited by Thailand Authority of Tourism as a special guest to witness the First Golden Kinnaree Awards and to attend the Bangkok International Film Festival.

In 2006 Mr. Hassan was elected member of Executive Board of Foreign Correspondent Association of Australia.

In 2007 Mr. Hassan covered different events of APEC 2007 held in Australia.

In 2008 Mr. Hassan covered World Youth Day 2008 staged in Sydney.

In the last 10 years, Mr. Hassan has written more than 1000 articles on current affairs, politics, human issues, social & cultural issues and sports in English and Urdu which were published by international new media (newspapers print/online).

‘Australia For Pakistanis’

Mr. Hassan most creative work in journalism is his book Australia For Pakistanis.

Australia For Pakistanis’ was written by Syed Atiq ul Hassan after 2 years of hard work, investigating and documenting the historical facts of early migrants in Australia from the territories which became Pakistan after 1947, the book was published in December 2003.

‘Australia For Pakistanis’ stunningly investigates the genealogy of migration of Pakistanis to Australia from the 18thCentury; from the cameleers, labourers and hawkers who pioneered the development of Australian infrastructure, to the current achievements in business, the arts, sports, media and professionals.

As a Community and Multicultural Events Organisers

Among the iconic event of Chand Raat Eid Festival (CREF) and Halal Expo Australia, in the last 20 years, Mr. Hassan has organised outstanding media, Pakistani Community and Multicultural events. For example;

  • In 1998, Mr. started ‘Chand Raat Eid Festival’ which Mr. Hassan’s team has continuously been organising for the last 18 years and now Chand Raat Eid Festival is the biggest Eid Celebrations being held in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.
  • In 1999, Mr. Hassan organised a forum on ‘Kashmir – A Global Flash-point‘ where active community leaders, parliamentarians, writers and journalist participated.
  • In 2000, Mr. Hassan conducted a forum on ‘Child Labour in South Asia‘ in Sydney.
  • In 2001, Mr. Hassan conducted a forum on ‘War Against Terrorism‘ held in Sydney.
  • In 2005, Mr. Hassan was invited by his Sindh University as an Alumnae conducted workshop on ‘Media and Mass Communication‘ for the faculty members of Department of Mass as attended a function in his honour by the University a Guest Speaker.
  • In 2005, Mr. Hassan organised a forum on ‘Community Unity & Harmony’ in Sydney.
  • In 2015, Mr. Hassan Introduced the first Australian Halal Exhibition which was attracted to over 10,000 visitors.
  • In 2016, Mr. Hassan took the Halal Expo Australia to Melbourne and also organising the 1st International Halal Conference in Sydney.

As a Public Speaker

  • In 2005, Mr. Hassan was the Guest Speaker at Writing Festival organised by Writers Club of New South Wales, the subject was ‘Journalism a first draft of history’.
  • In 2005, Mr. Hassan was the Guest Speaker at the forum on the Impact of anti-terror laws on journalists, writers and publishers (in Australia) organised by New South Writers Centre, Sydney Australia.
  • In 2006, Mr. Hassan was the Guest Speaker at Writing Festival organised by Writers Centre New South Wales, the subject was ‘Australia in Foreign Eyes’.
  • In 2007, Mr. Hassan was the invited to attend and cover the 5th World Conference of Science Journalists).
  • In 2015, Mr. Hassan was invited as a Speaker at Thailand Halal Assembly 2015, the topic was ‘The Role & Responsibility of Journalist/Media for Halal Industry’.

Received Public and Professional Awards

  • In 1991, Mr. Hassan was awarded ‘Justice of Peace’
  • In 2003, Mr. Hassan received Best Spot Journalism award from Victory News, Indonesia.
  • In 2008, Mr. Hassan received ‘Community Services Award 2008‘ from New South Wales Community Relations Commission (Australia).
  • In 2010, Mr. Hassan received ‘Community Services Award 2008‘ from New South Wales Community Relations Commission (Australia).
  • In 2014, Mr. Hassan received ‘Citizen of the Year Award 2014′ from Auburn City Council, New South Wales
  • In 2014, Mr. Hassan received Premier’s ‘Multicultural Harmony Award 2014‘ from Multicultural New South Wales.
  • In 2015, Mr. Hassan received Premier’s Multicultural Media finalist award on behalf of Tribune International (Australia)

Current Status

  • Editor_in_Chief, Tribune International (Australia) –
  • Director, Chand Raat Eid Festival (CREF) –
  • Director, Halal Expo Australia (HEA) –
  • Trainer and Training Consultant
  • Life Coach and Mentor – holding international accreditation.