Coaching With Syed Atiq ul Hassan

Syed Atiq ul Hassan is a qualified international Coach. He holds international accreditation from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and other affiliated organisations.

Mr Hassan brings wealth of experience and talent to transform the lives of individuals.

He is a successful educationist, well-known journalist, IT & business consultant, project leader, event organiser and social worker. His multi-professional skills and wide range of experiences gives him the unique ability to understand, analyse and resolve personal issues, business obstacles and professional weaknesses. Mr. Hassan is also a qualified trainer & assessor in vocational education.

Mr. Hassan’s clients are happy with his coaching because as a coach Mr. Hassan can deal variety of issue both from personal to business related problems.

Mr. Hassan provides valuable insight and guidance to individuals tackling issues within both the public and private sector. Being a well-known media personality, journalist and writer, he uses his analytical, investigative and public relation skills while working with the clients.

Being a motivational coach and a mentor Mr. Hassan provides concrete solutions based on individualised assessment.

Mr Hassan possesses excellent academic credential with outstanding success in his multi-professional career. He holds master & post graduate degrees, diplomas and many certificates in Information Technology, Economics, Law, Journalism, Training & Assessment and Life Coaching. He carries over 30 years of shrewd expertise in the corporate, private and government sector; Mr Hassan has worked as an IT Professional, Business Analyst, Media Analyst, Journalist, Anchor, and Program (Radio) Producer/Presenter, Writer, Teacher/Trainer, Assessor, Event Organiser, Community Leader and now as an excellent Motivational Coach.

While working as multi-professional Mr Hassan has travelled to many countries, particularly in South Asia, Middle East, United States and Australia and gained huge experience of people from different backgrounds.

Understanding Client Requirement

Mr. Hassan has broad knowledge and understanding about people from different backgrounds, cultures, faith and social environments. He understands the different types of issues of different people in context to their faith, culture, social and political environment.

Mr Hassan uses his broad experience of life in analysing the clients’ problems and issues by working with the client as a partner and monitor the entire process of the resolution.

Mr Hassan has received many awards for his services as a social worker and a journalist.

Why is special about Mr. Hassan as a Life Coach

Mr. Hassan is a special life coach because you hardly find any other coach who can have so much variety of abilities, knowledge and practical experience with adequate qualification. He is the coach who has seen so much variance in his own life and driven himself through to record success. Today, he holds high respect in the society – in the family, his social network – clients and other common beneficiaries through his multi-professional services and Coaching and Mentoring.